BLOCK 30 Origin Assurance

Track, authenticate + build trust

BLOCK 30 Origin Assurance

Tracked + Verified Goods

BLOCK 30 Labs built our Origin Assurance (TM) blockchain product to help our buyers, sellers + Fortune 500 partners track the quality and authenticity of food, wine, art, memorabilia and more on our marketplace and in their own ecosystems. The proliferation of advanced technologies have made counterfeit goods a massive problem on existing marketplaces, and we are working to curb that across goods verification, document verification, provenance and chain of custody solutions.

Secured on Blockchain

Buyers, Sellers + Fortune 500

  • Data stored on the blockchain
  • Track the origin and destination of goods
  • Chain of custody, ownership + provenance

How It Works

Proof of Ownership Through Blockchain

Step 1

Business Registration and Payment with B30

company: Great Co., product: great merch, origin: Plano, TX USA verified: BLOCK30 True

Step 2

Encrypted Verified Data Packet

Step 3

Origin QR Generated at B30 Account Page for the Business

Step 4

QR Decrypted Through B30 App. Customer Gets Data.